Our Services

A Comprehensive Financial Program

Based On Your Income, Obligations And Goals.

  • Assess your short-term and long-term goals
  • Analyze spending patterns and identify money issues
  • Pay all monthly bills on time
  • Establish a consistent savings program
  • Develop a program to eliminate debt
  • Plan for future expenditures, purchases and investments
  • Plan for retirement
  • Build a positive credit profile
  • Maintain records for tax preparation
  • Rebuild credit
Our Clients Say...

FC Financial has organized my financial life since the beginning of my career when Sheila Brossman's father made sure I would be safe and secure when I retired. After he passed away, Sheila Brossman and her wonderful partner Genny Marcelo took on the task and they have been stellar. I never worry when I know they are on the case. They are trustworthy and just plain worthy of organizing and handling anyone's financial affairs. They have my highest recommendation.

- Marcia Brandwynne, Television Anchor, Reporter, Host


When paying off debt, pay off your highest-rate debts first. The key to eliminating debt efficiently is first to pay the balances of loans or credit cards that charge the most interest while paying at least the minimum on your other debt. Once the high-interest debt is paid down, tackle the next highest, and so on.